Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The sheer stupendous star power that is... Michael Hoskin?

With the Calgary comic expo arriving in a few days Global News visited the University to view our exhibit on pulp fiction and chat about how the pulps led to comics. As the library's foremost expert on comic books, they drafted me in. The resulting piece is only 2 minutes long and I'm afraid my sound bites were disproportionately featured. Sorry, colleagues! Yikes, that voice. I sound like a total hoser, eh?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The 2017 Inkwell Awards ballot is currently open!

For many years I have been proud to serve as a member of the nominations committee to the Inkwell Awards, a comic book award created by inkers for inkers. It seems as though more and more artists are opting to render the inking on their book themselves rather than employing a separate person as their inker (either from preference or financial necessity). For this reason, it is all the more important to honour the field of inking and those inkers whose embellishments enhance the work of the pencilers they uplift.

For that reason, I strongly encourage you to vote in the 2017 ballot at the Inkwell Awards website! The more people who get involved and identify their favourite inkers, the better the feedback to the community of inking professionals in the comic book industry. Go vote now!