Thursday, December 18, 2008

Across my desk

I couldn't quite believe this blurb from the book Climate Change Policy: Challenging the Activists:
"...As one author shows, the policy activists have form: alarmists have been wrong, time and time again, about ecological disasters. However, the authors of this monograph have more humility than their critics.
I instantly question any man who informs me he's more humble than his opponents. It brings to mind part of Steve Taylor's song Smug:
"I wanna talk to them about smug people, they think they're so good. They ain't good. No, they ain't good at all, I'll tell you why. You wanna be a good man, you look at me. I'm gonna talk to you about mercy 'cause I got it, I'm gonna talk to you about righteousness 'cause I got it. I'm good. I'm humble. I'm better than you. You wanna be a humble man? You look at me and say, "Brother how can I be humble?" I don't know how you can be humble; it took me a long time to get this way, but thank God I've arrived."

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