Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Already in stores: War of Kings Saga

This came out last week, but I missed getting a copy. I had no idea it was out!

War of Kings Saga is a rundown of all the stories leading into the War of Kings mini-event. It also has a spectacular wraparound cover by David Yardin! War of Kings officially kicked off last week with the one-shot Secret Invasion: War of Kings. In coming months it'll be running through X-Men: Kingbreaker, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings: Darkhawk and the main War of Kings mini-series.

So far I'm digging the reactions online; why, just look at this comment from Comic Book Resources:

It was kind of interesting though how the freebie War of Kings Saga out today made that latter story actually seem good and interesting. If I hadn't already read it and know what crap it was I'd have been intrigued.

I made a Marvel comic seem as though it wasn't crap? YES! My job here is done.

Overall, the reactions are much more positive than my earlier Annihilation Saga. Perhaps because Annihilation Saga cost $2 but War of Kings Saga is free? Oh yeah, that reminds me...IT'S FREE!!! You have no excuse to be without one.

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