Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apparently I have something else in stores today

Well, if you have any money left over after you've purchased Fall of Hulks: Alpha, I guess you could pick up Iron Man: Requiem?

COVER BY: Sean Chen WRITER: Stan Lee, David Michelinie, Matt Fraction PENCILS: Larry Lieber, Joe Brozowski, John Romita JR., Kano

You know him from his blockbuster movie and the hit on-going series, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN; now, take a trip back with this special presentation of Tony Stark’s early adventures as the Golden Avenger. In TALES OF SUSPENSE #39, see how a billionaire playboy is transformed into a super hero after he’s injured in combat and has to invent a life-sustaining suit of armor. Then in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #144, discover the truth behind Tony Stark’s first adventure in Vietnam! Experience the birth of one of Marvel’s most famous heroes like never before, fully remastered with modern coloring. Plus, an all-new framing sequence by Matt Fraction and Kano! Rated T …$4.99

...And it has my enormous Iron Man biography reprinted from the OHOTMU. I received a credit, but not a head's up. Buy it anyway.


Nitz the Bloody said...

I planned on buying this anyway for the Fraction/Kano framing sequence ( which was awesome as expected ), but it was good to see your Iron Man entry again; a laudable feat of research. You got Iron Manual writer Eliot R. Brown's help with this, right?

Michael Hoskin said...

Yes, Eliot contributed the full-page schematic of the Granov armor. He and I held a few conversations about the armor and he was rather bemused at some of the pseudo-science from the Ellis issues. He's an interesting creator to talk to, I recommend the recent Back Issue magazine interview with him.