Tuesday, March 16, 2010

X-Factor Forever#1 tomorrow!

Louise Simonson's tenure on X-Factor back in the 1980s led to some of the best writing on an X-Men title outside of Chris Claremont. She's probably best remembered for building Apocalypse into one of the X-Men's greatest threats and renovating Angel into Archangel, but there's so much more to her 50+ run. Other highlights included Cyclops suffering a mental breakdown, Iceman losing control of his powers, Beast becoming dumber each time he used his strength but refusing to stop, Scott and Jean finally putting their emotional baggage behind them and working together and X-Factor's trainees becoming an interesting bunch of characters in their own right.

Tomorrow is launch day for X-Factor Forever, in which Simonson returns to the series right where she left off to tell one last story about the characters, using a separate continuity. It has art by Dan Panosian. It also has a back-up feature by me.

So, bring it home, yeah?

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Anonymous said...

I was already planning on checking this out thanks to my fond memories of the original run, and what do you know, a back-up feature by good 'ol MH to boot! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing what its all about.