Saturday, July 10, 2010

Missed it: Mountaineer write-up

The Mountaineer, local newspaper of Rocky Mountain House, ran an article on me back in Christmas 2009, written by the paper's own publisher. The article focuses on my career as a comic book writer, focusing on my work for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, it was only today that I finally obtained a copy of the feature.

Rocky Mountain House was my hometown for 10 years of my life and I spent a few of my last years there working at the Mountaineer in various drudge jobs (which I appreciated then and still do now). It was nice to have an opportunity to ponder how my life has changed since those years and how it is that I wound up being a Marvel Comics freelancer, which is certainly my dream job but not an obvious destination. It's also something to see how far the Mountaineer has come, presenting its pages in full colour instead of black & white.

But man, my old high school has been torn down and replaced with a Tim Horton's. You can't go home again.

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