Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Official Handbook for May: X-Men!

You'd think there was a new X-Men movie or something...


Select Character Artwork by GUS VAZQUEZ Cover by KALMAN ANDRASOFSZKY

All things mutants take center stage in this all-new collection of Handbook-style profiles! Featuring X-Men members (Madison Jeffries/Box, Paulie Provenzano, Wraith/Hector Rendoza), trainees (Onyxx, Ink/Eric Gitter), allies (Fred Duncan, Tom Corsi, Candy Southern, Shortpack), the evil (Cortex, X-Cutioner, Amelia Voght, Zaladane, Black Womb) and the lesser-known (Litterbug, Jazz, Arize, Jack in the Box, Crule), and updates for the big guns (Professor X, Magneto, Emma Frost, Beast, Mystique). And because you demanded it: Joseph gets a profile at last! Plus: brand-new Gus Vazquez art for the majority of profiles! 64 PGS. /Handbook/Rated T+ …$4.99

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