Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Love Atlas Comics#13: "Burton's Blood"

Lucky#13 of "I Love Atlas Comics" brings us a tale by Stan Lee and Wild Bill Everett; "Burton's Blood" from Menace#2, 1953; but don't get too cozy in the 50s, we're traveling to that far flung future world of...1998!

During the worldwide atomic war of 1998 (remember that?), John Burton is one of the few beings on Earth to prosper; that's because he's a vampire!

While humanity suffers and dies, Burton feasts on the corpses and easily evades efforts by humans to destroy him. Having eaten to his full, he decides to sleep in a vacant crypt. His sleep is so sound he winds up napping for an untold number of years. When Burton awakens, the world looks quite different to him.

Clearly, humanity has rebuilt itself from the ruins of atomic war so he can't rely upon corpses littering the streets; he'll have to hunt for his food again, so out come the fangs!

Burton soon finds a suitable victim - a man who appears quite corpulent. Burton stalks him until he can isolate him on his own. Burton attacks the large man, but the intended victim shows no fear in the face of the vampire. Burton sinks his fangs into the man's neck, to no effect. It seems Burton slept far, far too long. The atomic war wound up eliminating all human life on the planet:

Robots:1 Vampires: 0

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