Sunday, May 13, 2012

Signs of Sierra Leone

Here are a few signs I noticed while looking about in Sierra Leone; some made me laugh; some made me sad.
Commercial Advertisements:
"Stop! Car Wash"
"If Money nor dae. Welbody nor dae? Dis for change."
"Bon o Bon: Filled With Pleasure and Emotions"
"For Quality and Satisfaction Products"
"Female Condom!!"
Public Service Advertisements:
"A Force for Good Uses Condom. Beware HIV/AIDS is Real"
"Support Your Girl Child's Education"
"Dots Cures TB"
"Malaria is Curable"
"Rape is Punishable in Sierra Leone"
"Education First Motherhood Later"
"Help Protect Your Baby. Get Tested for HIV During Pregnancy"
"When You Educate a Girl You Educate a Nation"
Messages Painted on Vehicles:
"God is Good"
"It's Our Turn"
"No Job No Respect"
"God Bless Islam"
"In God We Trust"
"Allah is Great"
"God in Control"
"Thank You Jesus"
"Trust in Allah. No Food for Infidels"
"Last Supper"
"With God All Things are Possible"
"Prayer is Obligatory"

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