Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Supernatural Law week, day 3: My life in comics

To raise funds for the publication of the Monsters Meet on Court Street, Supernatural Law creator Batton Lash created a Kickstarter campaign. As a fan of the series I was all too happy to lend my support, but rather than simply donate a token amount, I was taken aback to see at a certain level, one could donate enough money to become drawn into the book itself, appearing as a juror during a trial scene. Did I possess the willpower to resist being immortalized for all time as a comic book character?


As someone who became a homeowner in the last year, it may not have been the most responsible way to spend my money, but at least it's a one-time indulgence.

In this short story, Wolff & Byrd are defending a Frankenstein-ish Monster from the accusations of a woman who claims to have been assaulted. Wolff quickly resorts to blaming the victim - or, rather, identifying the "victim" as a professional witness.

My juror character doesn't receive any dialogue - he's just a face in the crowd who appears for three panels, then races off-panel with the other jurors when they mistakenly think the monster wants to eat them for lunch.

It was my childhood dream to create comic books. At age twelve, when I first realized I couldn't draw, I was a little disheartened. Gradually, I began to think I could become a writer instead, but eventually I let that dream die. For years I thought it was enough to just be a fan - especially when I began using the internet to create websites about comic books. And yet, somehow I wound up leaving a mark on comics, spending most of eight years freelancing at Marvel, contributing articles to Proof: Endangered and now making a cameo in Supernatural Law. I intend to keep supporting Kickstarter projects which interest me, but I don't need any more validation - I'm pleased to be just another fan again.

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