Sunday, July 7, 2013

How some trends in popular fiction leave me cold

"Alive and breathing in the hundreds of thousands in not-so-far-off lands are beings who have the physical form of children, yet who have been robbed of the spirit, the innocence, the essence of childhood."

"High school kids, junior high too, boys and some girls. They wore the blood that spattered all over them with pride. They hacked, mutilated, all the while smiling at the faces of fear and horror they created. Adults looked on and encouraged them..."

"From the very beginning, they teach you how to kill. I mean when you arrive at the camp, the first thing they do is kill a guy, and if you are a recruit they call you over to prick at him, to chop off his hands and arms."

All quotes from They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children by Romeo Dallaire; concept borrowed from Too Busy Thinking About My Comics II by Colin Smith.

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