Monday, January 13, 2014

Warner-holics Synonymous

Ever one to enjoy a decent session of list-making, I've spent several months preparing this one on IMDB: a list of every Warner Bros. feature film from 1926-1956!

I've only seen about 10% of the films on the above list and I'm not certain how authoritative it is (unless I find a truly authoritative source listing ever Warner film from the period). I composed in part because I'm fascinated by that era of Hollywood and their assembly line manufacturing process, where the Warners would attempt to have a new movie in theaters every week. It's interesting for me to arrange all of those films in order if only to stare at the patterns which emerge amongst actors, directors and genres. It's also interesting to see just how much they cut back on quantity of films post-WW2.

Naturally, I'm also smitten with Warner pictures of the period - their unique look and feel, the strong ties to social ills of the times, the familiar actors and the frequently-recycled plots. I recently finished watching the complete filmography of Warner's greatest star, Humphrey Bogart; I'm now fascinated at the idea of doing the same with Warner faces like James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis and so forth. I wouldn't go to these lengths for old studios like RKO, MGM or even the home of my beloved monsters, Universal, but the Warner Bros. films - oh yeah.

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