Monday, March 31, 2014

"I rebelled 'cause I was tired of kissin' butt." A quick look at Rebel Angels

Some time ago I made mention of Hell Lost, a webcomic produced by James Turner, the artist best known for Rex Libris. It transpires that since then, the series has been published through SLG as a digital comic which you can purchase from Comixology; in this comic book format the series has been retitled Rebel Angels.

How to describe Rebel Angels? Imagine a comedy series which uses Milton's Paradise Lost as it's, er, Bible, and attempts a visual style which references many famous paintings of Hell (I think I see a Hieronymus Bosch influence?). Being James Turner, it also features vast, meticulously detailed buildings and some lewd humour. There's a lot more violence and profanity than Rex Libris contained - but what do you expect from Hell?

The plot is essentially one great civil war in Hell, as Balthazar is sent by Satan himself to destroy Baal. The cast of demons constitute a wide assortment of odd-looking critters, including a very hyperactive talking sword.

Now, you can read Hell Lost for free on the web - but why not pony up $1 a piece for the comic book version, Rebel Angels? Show the book some love - it's the best way to ensure it continues.

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