Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bradbury 31, Day 29: "Trapdoor"

Although most of Ray Bradbury's scary stories were written early in his career it wasn't something he ever entirely stepped away from. Take, for instance, the 1985 story "Trapdoor." It's the tale of a woman who suddenly notices a trapdoor in the ceiling of her home and strange noises coming from above. She tries to have the noise dealt with and, obviously, brings about something horrifying.

"Trapdoor" is a very simple horror story and told well. It received a comics adaptation by artist Ross MacDonald for Topps Comics in 1993. MacDonald's thick lines added just enough shadow to the tale, as even brightly-lit rooms carry an underlying menace.

I'll be back with more fire, brimstone and Bradbury tomorrow!

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