Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love Atlas Comics #1: "Back From the Grave"

Back at the Emerald City Comic Con, I bought a number of old Atlas Comics. "Atlas" was the name Marvel Comics went by in the 1950s and I always enjoy trying the type of stories they published in that era, only because they're so different from what Marvel's published since the 60s.

For instance, there's Astonishing#19 (1952) and the story "Back From the Grave" by Stan Lee and Fred Kida. It's set in Czechoslovakia and concerns scientist August Gottlieb and his son Carl. When August dies at the hands of the Soviets, Carl turns to Ivan, a local sorcerer and asks him to restore his father to life. Ivan betrays Carl to the Soviets who kill him, but August is resurrected (even though Ivan thought the spell wouldn't work). August goes on a rampage.

But he doesn't stop with just the men who killed Carl - he goes to Moscow and kills the colonel who orchestrated the affair. Still not satisfied, he goes after Uncle Joe himself.

They didn't just go there, did they?

Yes, they did.

A cautionary tale, to be sure.

More on my love for Atlas tomorrow.

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