Thursday, May 13, 2010

DC: the "D" doesn't stand for "diversity," then?

About a year ago, Hawkgirl looked like this:

She was Hispanic. Now she looks like this:

About a year ago, the Atom looked like this:

He was Asian. Now he looks like this:

About a year ago, Firestorm looked like this:

He was African-American. Now he looks like this:

These so-called "legacy" versions of older DC super heroes have really taken it on the chin lately; in fact, the Hispanic Hawkgirl and Asian Atom were flat-out killed so that their predecessors could reclaim the identities. As I've seen others observe on the internet, DC seems unable to escape the gravitational pull of 1983; everything reverts to the early 80s version of the characters eventually.

Cyborg, quick, meet me at camera three!

Vic, let me tell you something: you are dang, dang lucky you didn't name yourself "Robotman III." If you had, you'd have been snuffed decades ago, probably to help convince your readers that Shrapnel or Chemo were serious threats. It's a thankless job being the minority version of a long-standing DC hero and while "Cyborg" wasn't the most original name you could've thought of, at least you are your own man. Now, I'm not saying you Titans hold funerals every other month, but if I were you I'd start laying away a few dollars for Jaime Reyes' plot. It's only a question of time, right?

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