Friday, June 18, 2010

RIP Rik Levins, 1950-2010

Word is in that artist Richard "Rik Levins" passed away days ago from cancer.

Levins drew a good portion of Mark Gruenwald's Captain America from #387-422. He was the artist who replaced Ron Lim, my personal favorite Captain America artist. While I felt that Levins' worked lacked the dynamic style of Lim and that his faces fell short on depicting emotion, I still appreciated his work. I particularly enjoyed his tie-ins to the Operation: Galactic Storm crossover where he rendered the full Avengers lineup.

As a gesture of respect, those of us at the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe dubbed his version of the villain Jack O' Lantern after him: Steven Levins.

Kudos for all your work Mr. Levins.

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