Thursday, September 2, 2010

MC2: The End...For Now! Part 4

Amongst the three founding MC2 titles - A-Next, J2 & Spider-Girl - there were several interesting factors which linked them together during the first twelve months of publication. At the outset, it's very interesting to note that each title employed a different type of narrative; J2 was a first-person narrative.

Spider-Girl was a second-person narrative.

A-Next was a third-person narrative.

In the launch month for MC2, each title contained a preview for the next book to be released. Spider-Girl#0 previewed the first issues of all three titles, while Spider-Girl#1 featured a preview of A-Next#1, A-Next#1 had a preview of J2#1 and J2#1 previewed Spider-Girl#2. The first issues of the three launch titles also featured common design elements on their covers, with the other two books' covers featured in the background designs:

In the third month, the theme was guest stars; in A-Next, they fought the Defenders; for a tie-in over in J2, he clashed with the Hulk; Spider-Girl brought in the Fantastic Five.

During the sixth month, each title introduced a new hero to the MC2 universe and the following month included a "Majority Rules" page devoted to a write-in contest to determine which MC2 heroes would be the next to receive a series. Spider-Girl#6 gave us Ladyhawk:

A-Next#6 introduced Argo, son of Hercules:

J2#6 ushered in Magneta, MC2's would-be Magneto:

In the seventh month, each title revealed the backstory of how the heroes' predecessors gave up their costumed identities; Spider-Girl#7 told how Peter Parker gave up being Spider-Man, A-Next#7 related the Avengers' dissolution and J2#7 depicted how the Juggernaut was lost.

The eighth month, there was a theme of the MC2 heroes working with their parents, as A-Next's Stinger team-ups with her father Ant-Man, Spider-Girl#8 teams her with her dad and in J2#8 he meets his dad's former partner Black Tom Cassidy (and Wild Thing teams up with her dad, Wolverine).

Finally, the twelfth month, each hero achieved some sort of grand moment; Spider-Girl discovered a new power, J2 met his father and in A-Next, the Avengers prove themselves before their surviving predecessors.

Tomorrow: My favorite moments from MC2!


frogoat said...
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frogoat said...

I am so very jealous that you beat me to make an excellent MC2 blog. Great job and I love your observations. Any chance you checked out Captain America Corps?

Michael Hoskin said...

I certainly did read Captain America Corps! It was nice to see American Dream again, hopefully it won't be the last we see of MC2.

Thanks for sharing!