Monday, May 16, 2011

Even I have trouble keeping track of my career

The last two issues of New Avengers (#11 & 12) have both listed me for "special thanks," something I only realized today. Why am I being granted special thanks? Reasons. Reasons I probably shouldn't discuss.

How surreal is it that I, a huge fan of the Avengers, had my name printed in two issues (so far) without it being a big deal? Man, I can't have been in this business so long that the novelty has vanished, can I?

Some day years down the road I'll have a great bunch of stories to tell about the behind-the-scenes of my time with Marvel Comics...but I doubt they'll interest many people, even today.

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Colin Smith said...

It sounds like a fine thing, and you might be surprised how many folks would enjoy reading one day of how one individual contributed in his own fashion to such a huge collaborative enterprise as the MU. I always enjoy reading about how, for example, individual players on less spectacularly ear-catching instruments contributed a touch to the making of records I love, or of how members of a backstage staff helped in their own way to add one more subtle aspect of stardust to a production on stage or screen.

It must be a heartening thing to make your own contribution and have it recognised. Huzzah!