Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good ol' shoes

Today I bought a new pair of footwear, so my old shoes went to the dump. I'm not one to wax melancholy over a pair of old shoes - the laces were starting to fray, the exterior was showing some wear and tear and the soles of both shoes had split open. I walk a lot, usually for an hour minimum (30 minutes to work, 30 minutes from work) and the shoes I buy take a lot of punishment. This pair did their job and that should be all.

And yet... I regret losing these shoes because I couldn't replace them with a similar pair (the shoes previous to these were practically the same design). And I always felt a bit nostalgic when I looked at the scuff marks on the toe of the left shoe (above, right). I scuffed it up while jumping along the rocks at Tundavala last August; for all these months since then, those scuffs marks have been a visible reminder of Angola.

Ah well, I have new shoes now... and just enough time to break them in before I visit Sierra Leone!

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