Friday, August 23, 2013

Homepage updates

I'm pleased to announce that - after apparently 3 years - I've updated my website. It remains an old, out-of-date format, but I can't bear to let it go.

The site's primary function is to serve as an index of 1950s Atlas titles, divided by genre into western, war, crime, romance and "horror" (a catch-all for horror, science fiction and fantasy). Further, it was first designed (circa 2000) to identify the original sources of western & horror comics Marvel reprinted in the 60s & 70s. Back when the page was new, even the Grand Comics Database had a lot of gaps where reprints were concerned.

This update reflects three years worth of culling from various sources to make the pages as near-complete as they'll get. Of all the horror & western reprints, I believe I've written up plot summaries for about 95% of them. I might never get around to the last 5%, but we'll see. There have also been many errors over the years, but I've done my best to double-check my work. These days there are many other fine sources for information (like Atlas Tales) out there, so what was once fertile ground is now well-tended; the site exists mainly for my own interest and probably not for many others. Still, the plot summaries might be of interest to some.

If you get some value out the site - thank you very much; I'm always open to criticism and compliments.

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