Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Angola in the Comics, Part 2 of 5: Jungle Jingles

Having sped past the publisher Standard we move now to Fiction House and their series Jungle Comics - which is where the rest of this week's special Angola in the Comics feature will remain. Fiction House published Jungle Comics from 1940-1954 and it typically hosted an assortment of bare-chested jungle lord types or scantily-clad jungle queen types. However, this first plunge into their pages concerns neither!
A one-page space filler called "Jungle Jingles" appeared in Jungle Comics from issues #24-31 (with no creators credited other than "M.M.") and in issue #29 (May, 1942) we find a reference to Angola! Check it out for yourself:
We would call the "palla" an "impala," but otherwise, spot-on. And it rhymes! There were two other animal rhymes on this page, one devoted to the lion, the other to the aye-aye (of Madagascar).
  • +1 estrela for using an authentic Angolan animal
  • +1 estrela for rhyming the impala with "Valhalla"
TOTAL SCORE: Duas estrelas!
Return tomorrow for another expedition into Jungle Comics!

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