Friday, June 26, 2015

Kieron Dwyer on Kickstarter!

I have a lot of affection for the art of Kieron Dwyer, he being one of the best artists who collaborated on Mark Gruenwald's Captain America run. I don't see his work often, but his name always manages to perk me up a little.

It so happens that Dwyer is presently preparing a new comic book project called West Portal, which you can learn all about through its Kickstarter page. I've noticed in the past how much Dwyer's art has changed from one decade to the next - now on this project, he has a chance to demonstrate his ability to emulate artists as diverse as Alex Raymond and Jack Chick! As the feature's protagonist bounds about from one type of comic book story to another it's a fantastic opportunity for Dwyer to show off his talents.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter hasn't received much attention. I didn't learn about this project because of promotion via other comic book sites, but simply because I happened to be browsing the Kickstarter site. If this project sounds cool to you, perhaps you can help it out? With a proved talent like Dwyer, you can be assured of a professional piece of work.

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