Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rest in Peace Jay Scott Pike

One so seldom hears from the artists who comprised the stable of talent in the days of Atlas (Marvel Comics' 1950s publishing name) that you could almost think they had all passed away - until, unfortunately, you hear of their passing. While some such as Colan and Severin worked up until the end of their lives, most Atlas artists have enjoyed their well-earned golden years.

Earlier this month we lost Jay Scott Pike, a veteran of the 1950s Atlas Comics. He's probably best-remembered for his work on Marvel's jungle heroines such as Jann of the Jungle and Lorna the Jungle Girl, but had real versatility, illustrating tales of spies, cowboys, horror and romance. What could readers have possibly seen in his work, hm? Hm? Hmmm.

What's that? Oh, yes, I'm obliged to mention he also created Dolphin for DC Comics, but probably his most overall renowned work is on the many pin-ups he drew & painted across the decades. They been republished in book format (above) and an image search on his name will bring up many (NSFW) results.

RIP Jay Scott Pike. You were one of the best.

If you admire still-living Atlas artists such as Russ Heath or Allen Bellman don't put off telling them so. Even notorious recluse Steve Ditko is still known to answer the occasional letter. Heck, don't put off telling any artist how you feel about their work. I don't regret telling Ron Lim how much I liked his Captain America; I don't regret telling Mark Waid how little I liked his Captain America either.

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