Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My 100 Favourite Movies

Until last week, I suppose I didn't know what my 100 favourite films were.

However, my IMDB list My Favourite Films now has 100 titles listed in it. I've listed them chronologically, rather than ranking them by any notion of quality. I would never claim they are the greatest 100 films ever made - 'cause I know some of them couldn't be. These are, simply put, 100 films which do not tire me; to me, they are absorbing films.

I've also got a 2nd place list, 3rd place list and 4th place list, just in case you've seen everything in my top 100 yet want more recommendations. There's no chance your taste in film is quite like mine, but I hope some of my listings interest you in checking out pictures you might have otherwise overlooked.

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