Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rest in Peace: Alan Young

Another star from the days of old-time radio has passed away: Alan Young died two days ago, aged 96. He had a swift rise in radio, starring in his own program in 1944. It probably helped that during World War II there was a huge demand for performers. I don't personally find that his show holds up today but if you'd like to sample it for yourself, try this page at

It was on television that Young really made his mark, starring in Mr. Ed as Wilbur, owner of the titular talking horse. I adored Mr. Ed in my youth and I'm sure I watched every episode on Nick at Nite. I can't recall much of the show's plots though, outside of the one with Mae West.

Young's other great contribution to my childhood entertainment was his lenghty turn as the voice of Scoorge McDuck on television's DuckTales cartoons. Young's career in radio clearly trained him for animation work (like so many radio veterans) and with his adopted Scottish accent I doubt anyone recognized his voice (though if you know Young provided the voice it's apparent immediately).

Rest in peace Mr. Young.

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