Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tire Fire 2016

On the bright side, a crashing US dollar would help spending at the University.

I wasn't prepared to deal with a Republican victory. The polling reports suggested a defeat and I was well reconciled to it. And while it's not my country, there are a heck of a lot of people there who I care about. How can I keep from feeling empathy to them. Seemingly half of their neighbours are comfortable turning the reigns of power over to a man who has no public service record, many failed businesses, revels in misogyny, insults veterans, insults disabled people, is racist, questions the validity of fellow citizens based on their religion, sexually assaults others and has pending court cases both in business practices and child rape?

If such a person can be elected to the highest office of the USA, what precedent does that set? Why should any future candidate release their tax data if it isn't required to win? Why should any future candidate refrain from making verbal threats or aggressively sexual comments? If the best qualification for governorship is no experience in governing, then why do our schools bother teaching political science?

Marginalized people were upset; they wanted they believed would represent their interests, to push back against what they saw as questionable effects on this society. The opposing side reacted by proposing a candidate who was everything the marginalized did not want to see in power. And many gave in to apathy and refused to hold their nation's highest office accountable to them.

But don't worry; someone out there is ready to point fingers and tell you who's to blame for all of this. It's probably you. It's probably everyone. There, doesn't that feel better?

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