Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Now on Comixology: Wolverine: Weapon X Files!

Back in 2009 we were younger, more innocent, more inclined to believe X-Men Origins: Wolverine would be a winning motion picture. In this environment we of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe wrote up Wolverine: Weapon X Files, a Marvel handbook tied to the film. It's now available at Comixology for $1.99 right here.

An all-inclusive handbook for Hollywood's favorite mutant, spotlighting a complete biography of Wolverine! He may be in an acre of comics each month, but this is the only place to get the real score! Also featuring some of the Canucklehead's best allies -- including Gambit, Maverick, Tyger Tiger and X-Force! And along for the ride are villains -- the likes of Blob, Daken, Deadpool, Mastermind, Orphan Maker, Donald Pierce, the Purifiers, Sabretooth and S'ym! And more than four dozen other stars linked to our man Logan from Amiko to Silver Fox!

The cover artist originally sent in a plain image of Wolverine just standing there - it could have graced the cover of any ol' Wolverine comic book and Marvel was certainly printing them like it was going out of style! The clip art of Wolverine's friends & foes down the sides of the cover were added to get across the idea that this was a Handbook. Still not sure why we called it "Files" though. We usually used the term "files" to refer to non-Handbook formatted books but this one was pure OHOTMU format.

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