Monday, April 2, 2018

On Comixology: Heroic Age: X-Men

By 2010 I wasn't really an X-Man fan (though Mike Carey was writing some decent stuff at the time), but the idea of covering the X-Men characters in Heroic Age: X-Men intrigued me. I put the book together using X-Men, mutant villains, anti-mutant villains and pro-mutant humans to give a wide view of who the X-Men were. I was especially proud to sneak in the pro-mutant human stuff and reveal what they'd been up to since last seen.
As mutantkind begins to pull back from the brink of extinction, Steve Rogers joins the fight! Appraising the state of mutants today, Steve assesses the X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, the Five Lights and more from the mutant community! This Heroic Age files book also includes considerations for the humans who have sympathized with the mutant condition and takes aim at the worst of anti-mutant bigotry! See the world of mutants from Steve Rogers' vantage point, featuring everyone from Apocalypse to X-23!

Now available at Comixology!

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