Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Films of the Golden Age Part 3: Universal

Universal did a lot to make me a fan of classic films. I can vividly recall seeing my first horror movies on tv when I was about six - evening broadcasts of the Wolf Man, Son of Frankenstein and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. My sister has some stories about those occasions too. Later on, Abbott & Costello became favorites of mine and I eagerly sought them out on cable and video rental.

Universal definitely specialized in the horror films, I'm certain it's what they're best remembered for now. Consequently, the Universal stars we recall most fondly are the horror leads: Lugosi, Karloff and Chaneys Senior and Junior. All the same, their horror output was at its best in the 30s and became less memorable from wartime onwards.

My favorite Golden Age Universal films are:

1 war film, 6 horror films, 2 thrillers and 1 film noir.

Also, I really like the Universal logo. Even the original with the plane circling the globe was fun, but the logo they use at present is just incredible.

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