Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Old-Time Radio Theme Month, Day 10: "Death of a Doll"

A while ago on this blog, I reviewed Ernie Colon's Inner Sanctum graphic novel; it just so happens today's program is "Death of a Doll," one of the radio episodes Colon revised for his novel.

Originally broadcast October 18, 1948, this is a very effective program, although it does fulfill the Inner Sanctum "rule" I hinted at yesterday, in that it's not really a tale of the supernatural, despite suggestions otherwise. Frequent Inner Sanctum star Mason Adams has the lead role and puts in a terrific performance.

You can download a copy of this radio show from here.


Tony said...

Oh, Jeez ...

I finally had a little free time and I listened to Lights Out, the one where the American girl is in Paris and she gets away from the chaperone and runs off with the dude who knows her dad but he's actually a kidnapper and ... well, after that, things get seriously out of hand.

Probably the CREEPIEST thing I've ever heard on Old-Time Radio. I considered setting fire to the couch to scare away the sewer-dwelling, necklace-making Frenchmen.

Michael Hoskin said...

Yes, the title "It Happened" really didn't do the story justice, did it? It's always going to be "creepy sewer-dwelling Frenchman episode" to those who have heard it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!