Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old-Time Radio Theme Month, Day 30: "The Headless Dead"

With Halloween almost upon us, I've saved the last two days for an unusual program: Dark Fantasy. This odd series featured no major talents in any sense (every episode written by Scott Bishop and usually cast with the same players) and ranged in tone from gentle fables (ie, a man possessed by a ghost solves the problem of an inheritance), to all-out horror (werewolves and mad scientists)!

What have I selected for you today? All-out horror, naturally! I give you "the Headless Dead," from January 23, 1942. A visitor to an old cathedral accidentally happens upon a choir of headless men. There's only way they'll allow him to live... if you can call it living...

You can download a copy of this radio show from archive.org here.

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