Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special returns!

When Marvel was releasing various one-shots to celebrate their 70th anniversary, I was charged to create an Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe in that vein. The result was The Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special, which features every significant Marvel character from their 1st year of publishing. It was a real treat to create this book and I wish we'd been permitted to create one for every calendar year of Marvel's history.

My editor suggested I have Roy Thomas write the book's introduction, but I opted for Dr. Michael J. Vassallo instead as he's the world's #1 expert on early Marvel history.

As the Marvel Universe celebrates 70 years of the world's greatest comics, journey back to where it all began -- OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE style! Featuring the greatest characters of Marvel's first year -- a year that not only gave us the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch, the Angel and Ka-Zar, but also THE TWELVE's Black Widow, Phantom Bullet, Electro, Mister E, Dynamic Man, Phantom Reporter, Fiery Mask, Master Mind Excello and Laughing Mask! Also featuring a host of oddities from Fletcher Hanks' Whirlwind Carter to Taxi Taylor! Plus: an introduction by Timely comics scholar Dr. Michael J. Vassallo!

It's selling for $1.99 at Comixology.

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