Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Marvel Pets Handbook is available on Comixology!

For some time, we in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe team would joke about crafting a handbook themed entirely around pets! And then, because of Marvel publishing their 'Pet Avengers' titles, there was an actual demand for the title! It happened, and I was the head writer: The Marvel Pets Handbook!
Rein yourself in for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe you thought you'd never see! A marvelous menagerie of mirthful mammals and more materialize! From the high-flying Falcon's pet Redwing to the ever-familiar Ebony to Speedball's cat Niels to Kitty's dragon Lockheed to Daredevil's dog Deuce to the Mole Man's monsters to Devil Dinosaur and all manner of Asgardian beasts! Cosmo says: "Buy one for me, comrade! Is good!" Lockjaw says: "Woof!" Can you say no to those puppy-dog eyes?

You can purchase the Marvel Pets Handbook for $1.99 at Comixology!

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