Friday, April 6, 2018

Now on Comixology: New Avengers: Most Wanted Files

This one came to our handbook team in an interesting way; our editor, Jeff Youngquist had just approved one book we'd requested, but hit us with New Avengers: Most Wanted Files as our penanc (that is, he said, "but you have to write this"). I had to make the deadline early because of my brother's wedding and I was pretty stressed out as I wrote the entries I had promised to cover. It's always left a bad taste in my mouth. Anyway, now it's preserved forever online!
An essential companion to NEW AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT, TOXIN and more! Revelations, clarifications and explanations abound as Marvel shines its searchlight on the jailbreak of the century! In the tradition of SECRET WAR: FROM THE FILES OF NICK FURY and SECRETS OF THE HOUSE OF M, NEW AVENGERS: MOST WANTED features HANDBOOK-style bios of all the escapees, from the Answer to Zzzax!

Check it out at Comixology!

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