Sunday, April 1, 2018

On Comixology: Heroic Age: Villains

So, the second Heroic Age title was Heroic Age: Villains. I tried to take a wide view of the Marvel Universe's villains, even including a 2099 villain who was in the regular MU at the time (Halloween Jack). It didn't come as naturally to me as the Super Heroes book, but I enjoyed it.
Under the guidance of Steve Rogers, Earth's heroes are at an all-time high but that doesn't mean the villains are taking it lying down! Get inside Steve Rogers' secret files as he analyzes evil from the cosmic menaces of Thanos and the Cancerverse, to the arcane might of Hela and Black Talon, to the armies of Leviathan and Hydra, to the costumed escapades of Deadpool and the White Rabbit!

Get it on Comixology here!

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