Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrate Halloween with OTR!

As a fan of old-time radio, one of my favourite ways to observe Halloween is through listening to great OTR shows. As a young teenager when I first became a fan, there were some programs which gave me a few thrills and scares, listening to them late at night in the dark, my mind half-asleep. Below are the best scary shows I've ever heard; the links lead to and you can download them by right-clicking the link and choosing to save the file.

Happy Halloween!

Dimension X: There Will Come Soft Rains/Zero Hour; Mars is Heaven

Escape: A Shipment of Mute Fate; Pollack and the Porrah Man; Evening Primrose; Casting the Runes; Taboo; An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge; Confession; Papa Benjamin; Snake Doctor; Ancient Sorceries; The Grove of Ashtaroth; The Log of the Evening Star; Three Skeleton Key; Present Tense

Inner Sanctum: The Judas Clock; The Devil's Workshop; Terror by Night

Lights Out: Spider; Little Old Lady; Murder Castle

Mystery in the Air: The Horla

Quiet, Please: Whence Came You?; The Thing on the Fourble Board; My Son John

Suspense: The Hitchhiker; Fugue in C Minor; Drive-In; To Find Help; August Heat; The Furnished Floor; The Pasteboard Box; The House in Cypress Canyon; Hitchhike Poker; The Ten Years; The Lunch Kit; Mission Completed; Never Steal a Butcher's Wife; Too Hot to Live; On a Country Road; Track of the Cat; The Death of Me; The Whole Town's Sleeping; The Waxwork

Weird Circle: A Terrible Night; The Curse of the Mantle; The Trial for Murder

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