Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nick Spencer: comicdom's answer to Ingmar Bergman

Iron Man 2.0#7.1 (2011), page 3; by Nick Spencer & Kano: See, the word IS in my vocabulary!

Ha-ha-ha I don't get it.


Traumador said...

I don't either. Is that actually supposed to funny?

Anonymous said...

Even for Ingmar Bergman's standards, this was too little. At least he gave us The Virgin Spring, which shows Max Von Sydow go all Punisher on the men who raped and murdered his daughter.

But I can't get the point of this page.

Michael Hoskin said...

I understand the page is meant to demonstrate how the character is a perfectionist and obsesses over minor details, but I question whether this page was the best way to establish such an insigificant aspect of the overall story. This page is concerned with cinematic storyboarding, not comics storytelling.

I was going to run an entire week of examples like this from Spencer's body of work, then I decided it would be too cruel.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I think it'd be very instructive!