Friday, October 12, 2012

Old-Time Radio Theme Month, Day 12: "Track of the Cat"

Today's tale delves into Walter Van Tilburg Clark's novel "Track of the Cat," as adapted to Suspense on February 18, 1952 with Richard Widmark in the lead. A wildcat is preying on a ranch run by three brothers; one brother ventures alone into the wilderness, initially confident in himself. However, as he faces the snow, darkness and deadly cat, his nerves begin to fail.

This was adapted into a movie in 1954, starring Robert Mitchum in the lead (seen above). I was pretty eager to own the film, but it was a little disappointing - it isn't a suspense film and Mitchum is absent for much of the picture; the filmmakers were more interested in the dysfunctional family life back at the ranch. It does, however, have utterly gorgeous photography.

You can download a copy of this radio show from here.

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