Sunday, October 7, 2012

Science fact: comic books save lives!

Above: panel from Joe Kubert's Fax From Sarajevo, a true account of the Bosnian War

This is information you'll hopefully never have to use, but isn't it nice to know some strategically-placed comic books might stop a bullet? Heck, pad yourself with foil covers and you can probably deflect small arms.


Nitz the Bloody said...

Comics can also be used for disciplining pets. When my cat got too hyper and started biting me, I tapped him on the nose with a rolled up copy of the recent Loeb/Bianchi Wolverine comic. He backed down, repelled by the sheer awfulness of it.

In retrospect, though, subjecting him to Jeph Loeb might have been animal cruelty :(

Michael Hoskin said...

Albeit, using a Loeb comic for anything other than reading is always a win!