Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Skrulls! is on Comixology! Right now!

Going back to 2008, this was a quasi-saga quasi-handbook one shot originally released to tie-in with the Secret Invasion crossover and I was part of the team of writers.
Skrulls! (2008) #1

Ever since the dawning of the Marvel Age of heroes, the Skrulls have been known as scheming, conniving, insidious interlopers in the affairs not just of Earth, but the whole universe. Now, get the Skrulls' side of the story! Who are they, what drives them, and what are their ultimate goals? Who are their heroes, and who are their villains? And what will become of their clash between religion and modernity - manifest in their relentless pursuit of the Earth as the final prize - when it spills over into universal mayhem? SKRULLS! helps answer these questions and gives you the clues to ask even more!

You can buy a copy at Comixology right here!

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