Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Credit where credit is due...or lacking

In the March solicitations you might also notice this:




You know he's the best there is at what he does -- now find out where, when and why he did it with dozens of highlights both from Wolverine's time as X-Man and Avenger, and from the century's worth of adventures that preceded it! After more than 30 years of hints, memories and flashbacks, the pieces of Wolverine's past are gathered together for the first time! The teams he's joined and the women he's loved! Triumphs, tragedies and the saga of the son who was stolen from him! With appearances by Captain America, Nick Fury, the Hulk and more! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...FREE!

I hate to disappoint my fans (both of you), but I did not write this comic. The true author is my friend Ronald Byrd. Ronald is the world's foremost authority on Wolverine continuity and has already had articles on the subject published elsewhere, in addition to all his work in the Marvel handbooks. Ronald deserves his kudos for being able to understand the twists, turns and oft-times malarkey of Logan's world.

As for me, be on the lookout for War of Kings Saga in February...that one I did write.

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