Sunday, December 7, 2008

For Dark Reignphiles: Dark Reign Files

Back on Section 241 I ran the "classified" solicitation for Dark Reign Files and promised to deliver the text when the data was lifted.

Last week Secret Invasion#8 came out, so the full solicitations were released online and in a (free) "Special Dark Reign Edition" of Marvel Previews.

Here you go:

Written by Michael Hoskin

Bring on the bad guys! It's the latest mighty Marvel handbook, straight from the files of Norman Osborn! The Dark Reign's chief power broker assembles a case study of professional criminals on the superhuman grid - scrutinizing threat, loyalty, influence, power and expendability. In the words of the Green Goblin himself: "Our purpose is to know our enemies - and our enemies' enemies - as we do ourselves."

64 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99

FOC - 2/5, On-Sale - 2/25

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