Friday, December 12, 2008

Van Johnson, RIP

This has not been a great year for the leading men of Suspense. Earlier this year, Richard Widmark passed away and today Van Johnson died.

I'm sure that like Widmark he's best known for his film work, but to me, both of these men are names I know from my Old-Time Radio hobby. Like Widmark, he took a few turns at starring in episode of Suspense, including "The Singing Walls" in 1944, which was an odd Cornell Woolrich story that just about worked; in 1949 he starred in "The Defense Rests" which I really liked - he played an ex-convict employed by a law firm who was framed for murder. Others included "Salvage," "Stranger for a Killer" and "Around the World." He also had a great guest appearance on Jack Benny once.

Anyway, I'm torn being surprise at Johnson having lived to 2008 and surprise that Johnson won't live past 2008.

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