Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Days of Suspense: "Chickenfeed"

In the world of Suspense there's nothing more dangerous than the open highway. If you're out hitchhiking, then you can't trust whoever picks you up; if you're a motorist, you're in jeopardy from sinister hitchhikers or escaped mental patients. Your car might strand you in a precarious position - you might get run off the road. And sometimes you might pull into a town where anything which could go wrong, does go wrong.

"Chickenfeed" aired September 8, 1949 with star Ray Milland. Milland plays a motorist who drives into a small town after an argument with his wife. For want of a nickel, he soon finds himself in trouble with the law, then incarcerated with a couple of jerks, then placed in mortal danger! You may download the episode from here!

I think this episode teaches one a valuable lesson about money; guard your nickels, boys! It might save you from prison - and it might save your life!

Tomorrow: "I wasn't used to doing this kind of thing. The other girls sometimes let a customer drive them home, but I never did."

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