Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Suspense: "The Death of Me"

It's easy to forget about the many working parts which come together and make a radio program work, especially the light, subtle touches. The musicians of Suspense - usually led by conductor Lud Gluskin - certainly earned their kudos over many seasons. Veering from whimsical sounds to heighten comedic moments to the quiet atmospheric music which cues audiences to pay more attention to every sound, up to the intense, fast-paced music to compliment stories where the characters are in imminent peril. Suspense had some of the best music in the industry.

Today's featured episode is "The Death of Me," a personal favourite of mine which first aired May 26, 1952. It concerns George Murphy as a man trying to overcome his PTSD by becoming a lumberjack. Unfortunately, this lumber camp includes someone determined to carve up a little homicide! You may download the episode from archive.org here.

Tomorrow: "I wanted to make something of my life. To be liked, to do good for people, make them happy. Now it's all gone."

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