Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days of Suspense: "The Visitor"

We've reached my 8th-favourite episode of Suspense!

Eddie Bracken returns in this May 11, 1944 episode of Suspense entitled "The Visitor." Bracken portrays a young man who is recruited to pose as a couple's long-lost son. Of course, as the son was presumably murdered, he's making himself a new target for the killer! You may download the episode from here.

This episode has a fantastic surprise ending which really holds together. It sets up the audience to believe the story is headed in one direction - then pulls off a great twist in the episode's concluding scene. There's another version of this story which stars Donald O'Connor, but I quite prefer Bracken's performance. He made only three appearances on Suspense - more's the pity.

Tomorrow: "Something - something starts down in my chest... spreads up to my throat... spills out of my mouth..."

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